Group Tours Pricelist

All group tours include coach transport; group pick up & drop off at your desired location.

They are fully escorted by our professional and friendly hosts who provide up to date information regarding the best bargains and specific details of each selected stop. (and any specials information that are exclusive to our tours!)

Tour Lunch Options to suit your group’s needs: at a selected buffet restaurant, picnic packed lunch at a park or BYO option. (Morning or Afternoon Tea provided on all Tours other than BYO – additional $6 per person if both required)

Indulge in a unique Shopping Experience, have fun and save with Brisbane Warehouse Shopping Tours!

Numbers Option 1 Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 3 Option 4
*Per person Prices Shopping
Mega Stars -
Shopping Mega Stars With picnic / packed lunch provided Shopping Style & Restaurant Lunch
Your Shopping
Bus Trip -
own bus -
Bus Trip -
own bus & Restaurant Lunch
your day!

45 plus (including free ticket for organiser) $26.00 $39.00 $48.00 $10.00 $32.00 POA
Repeat customers (Within the last 3 years) $24.00 $37.00 $46.00 $8.00 $30.00
40 plus (including free ticket for organiser) $28.00 $43.00 $50.00 $12.00 $32.00
Repeat customers (Within the last 3 years) $26.00 $41.00 $48.00 $10.00 $30.00
35 plus (including free ticket for organiser) $33.00 $48.00 $56.00 $14.00 $34.00
Repeat customers (Within the last 3 years) $32.00 $46.00 $54.00 $12.00 $32.00
30 plus (including free ticket for organiser) $39.00 $54.00 $63.00 $16.00 $36.00
Repeat customers (Within the last 3 years) $37.00 $52.00 $61.00 $14.00 $34.00
25 plus (including free ticket for organiser) $46.00 $61.00 $66.00 $18.00 $38.00
Repeat customers (Within the last 3 years) $44.00 $59.00 $64.00 $16.00 $36.00
20 plus (including free ticket for organiser) $55.00 $70.00 $75.00 $20.00 $40.00
10 plus - not available for fundraising $80.00 $95.00 $100.00 $22.00 $42.00
1 Plus - not available for fundraising - FULL DAY with Restaurant Lunch / Wine / morning & afternoon tea and personal hostess / guide sightseeing also available - tailor made tour.


Half day also available POA

Don’t forget to deduct your free organiser seat if you have a group of 20 adults or more
*For pricing in area’s outside of the Brisbane / Gold Coast area, please contact us.
*Our prices are set at a minimum so that you can maximise the most out of your shopping day.
Please note that prices are based on pick up within the Brisbane / Gold Coast area and actual people on the bus.
We suggest that you charge the higher rate to cover yourself if your numbers unexpectedly drop.
COUNTRY SHOPPERS: please note that country groups are more than welcome. We can design Tours to suit your needs, contact us for a quote!

Sample Itinerary


Spend a long weekend in Melbourne shopping your heart out!


Thursday Departure.,
Visit the ever popular Smith St where,in one street all your shopping,desires are satisfied.
Friday Free day, wander the city centre or,visit Southbank riverside.,
We also will be going to many more,outlets throughout Melbourne.
Saturday Spent on an organised Shopping,Tour.
Sunday Morning can be spent visiting the,Victoria Markets and the city centre


Spend a long weekend in Auckland NZ shopping your heart out & having FUN!


Thursday Departure. Get picked up by ‘the party bus’ with music, fun and a fully licenced bar on board! Have dinner at Caluzzi Bar & Cabaret show in Ponsonby’s colourful K Road
Friday Free day – visit beautiful Waiheke Island for a wine tour or Devonport for lunch, only ferry rides away.

Or hop on and off the link bus around Auckland which includes Mission Bay, Kelly Tarltons, up market Parnell Shopping and Newmarket, premier fashion, shopping and entertainment district.
Saturday Shopping Tour to NZ outlets and warehouses, including visiting the awesome ‘Dress for Less’ outlet centre.
Sunday Free morning which could include visiting the beautiful Brick historic Victoria Markets

Brisbane or Gold Coast Shopping Tours

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